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We’re beyond thrilled to finally announce what’s been cooking behind the scenes for quite some time. And when we say ‘cooking’, then … (READ MORE)

In her art, Annique Delphine wraps vocal feminism, body issues and the doom of patriarchy in humorous commentary — and there are boobs everywhere. A visit to … (READ MORE)

Here at the Embassy, our mission is to create quality garments–but never loose sight of their impact, too. That includes the way they reach you of course, so we … (READ MORE)

In outerwear, it still is the “default” to use bird feathers as isolation material in puffy winter wear. Praised as “natural” and “eco-friendly”, a lot of animal-derived materials have been used in fashion … (READ MORE)

Neon lights, spelling out well-known rap lyrics, mounted on colorful collages: This is the art of You Know Me Well, our second guest in our ongoing series on … (READ MORE)

So here we are, not really sure how to proceed. While a lot of our peers have been quick with very opinionated posts, all seemingly unwavering in their bold stand in this crisis, we’ve been rather quiet … (READ MORE)

Wool still is a sought-after material in outerwear, often praised as “natural” and “eco-friendly”. But we have good reasons to opt against using it in our collections. Here they are … (READ MORE)

We couldn’t have wished for a better first guest for our new ‘Embassadors’-series than German rapper and producer Moses Pelham. Known for putting a rougher style of lyricism on the map of his  … (READ MORE)

Because if we don’t, who will? Read up on the thought process behind our first drop of hoodies and crewnecks and check out some more photos of the limited capsule collection. Staying conscious out here … (READ MORE)

We want to make really good outerwear – but we don’t want others to pick up the tab. So we thought about ways to make sure we meet our own expectations when it comes to … (READ MORE)

As a brand, Embassy of Bricks and Logs is taking a stand against the appalling practices in today‘s fashion industry while maintaining an uncompromising quality standard … (READ MORE)