Care Instructions –
Washing your Ocean-Down Coat

Future Down, Faux Down, No-Down – we don’t feel these descriptions really live up to the filling material we use for a lot of our styles. It is just like “real down” when it comes to the main characteristics: It’s as light as down, it’s as warm as down, it’s as puffy as down. The only real difference here is that we leave those poor birds alone.

Instead, we use recycled PET from the world’s oceans, doing our part in using more responsible material sources while new, even better sustainable answers to the most pressing issues of the fashion industry are in the works. We like to call it “Ocean Down”, as we don’t think there’s anything “faux” or “fake” about it. On the contrary: We think that the materials characteristics and the way it is sourced makes it superior to the old-fashioned approach (feathers). 


Okay then. But how to clean it?

Before we get into this: When we say, our material is “just like down”, that also means it’s as delicate as down. So, the question here becomes: Why even wash your jacket at all? 

Seriously, you don’t need to wash it. For odors you want to get right of (i.e. cigarette smoke), just air it out thoroughly. Even better: Hang your jacket in your bathroom when you take a shower. The steam pulls out smells like nothing else. A very natural, resourceful way of getting rid of unwanted smells from all garments you own.

If the outer shell gets dirty, take a wet cloth and clean partially. This will do in most cases – if you ask us, probably all cases. Maybe use a tiny bit of soap, but make sure to test it first in a spot that’s not visible easily.


If you really want to wash it, though…

… well, we tried. Let’s take a closer look how to do it right:

There’s only so much information that goes on a care label inside a coat. Since we’ve been getting requests for more detailed care instructions for our Ocean Down Coats (and since we love talking about our coats & jackets), here’s our complete instructions. We’ve been running extended tests and we keep on adding new findings here. So feel free to come back whenever you feel like you’d like to double check.

Yes, we suggest machine wash. It’s very important that the machine isn’t too full. The coats need some space to move freely. So especially with our bigger coats, please note how much space your machine offers – when in doubt, try a local Laundromat to find a machine with a bigger drum. This is important.

Machine wash at 30°C. Make sure to select “gentle” or “delicate” cycle.

Select “spin” cycle at 600-800 max for 10 minutes.

Tumble dry* at 40°C for 40-60 minutes. If your coat is still wet after that, continue for another 5-10 minutes.

Take out your coat 2-4 times during the drying process, turn inside out, shake out and pat the chambers with flat hands to prevent the filling to clump together.

In case you don’t have a tumble dryer close, try a local Laundromat. If you have absolutely no choice but to air dry, it’s really important to dry your coat close to a radiator and do everything to help dry the coat fast. Lay it out flat, pat and shake the filling chambers, move around the filling during the drying process. 

A good extra tip we highly suggest to follow: Get a couple tennis balls and put them in the drier with your coat. They help keep the filling in movement. Make sure they don’t loose color.

ATTN: If your coat is cycled to heavy, if it’s washed in a machine that’s too small or not dried correctly, there’s a good chance the filling of your coat, just like with a down coat, might clump together. This might ruin your jacket. Please note that we can not accept responsibility for this!

If any additional questions occur, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.