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12-02-20 / Collaboration

Gaz Oakley X Embassy of Bricks and Logs

We’re beyond thrilled to finally announce what’s been cooking behind the scenes for quite some time. And when we say ‘cooking’, then that’s us trying to built a wobbly seque to our collaboration with vegan chef, YouTube star and fashion aficionado Gaz Oakley.


We don’t do a lot of collaborations because not only are we a fashion brand, we’re also consumers ourselves and honestly, we’re just done with the over-saturation of pretty much every channel with countless bs campaigns around products nobody really needs.

We can not get excited about these constructed marketing schemes and collaborations, even if they would sell us more jackets. We like our collabs like our food: If it’s not organic, then nah.

”When we met Gaz, it hit different.“

So yes, when we do something, it normally comes very natural, there’s an authentic connection already there and it makes loads of sense for both ‘brands’. We’re into real, credible storytelling just as much as we’re into good products. Makes sense, no?

When we met sharply dressed YouTube celebrity chef and full-time nice guy Gaz Oakley in the summer of 2019 while working with our friends over at Vegan Good Life magazine, things were different. The best kind of different, of course.

Gaz Oakley X Embassy of Bricks and Logs Puffer Jacket in Sand / Black - Vegan Ethical Outerwear
Gaz Oakley X Embassy of Bricks and Logs Puffer Jacket in Sand / Black - Vegan Ethical Outerwear

We hit it off immediately and it honestly was a bit of a no-brainer to discuss possibilities to work together. And so we did.

December that same year, we invited Gaz and his crew to visit us in Essen, Germany to hang out with the design team, get creative and throw around ideas for a collab-jacket together.

But that story is best told by the man himself, and as is to be expected, he does it in a YouTube video:

Now, for more regarding the actual product, here’s a couple details and fun facts for you.

 First off, when we create a jacket with a style icon like Gaz Oakley, better believe it’s all decked out. This reversible style with a bomber silhouette is quilted on one side and smooth on the other, comes in Gaz’s fav color way and has various little quality details, like the black-on-black print, the detachable woven patch and the branded zipper puller.

We even have a handy list of facts about this puffer jacket for you:

  • reversible, two-color style
  • updated “E100 No Down” filling made from recycled post-consumer PET
  • premium functional outer fabric made from 100% recycled materials
  • water resistant material
  • (3000mm/3000mm)
  • lining made from 100% recycled materials
  • draw-string-system at hem
  • detachable woven patch
Gaz Oakley X Embassy of Bricks and Logs Puffer Jacket in Sand / Black - Vegan Ethical Outerwear
Gaz Oakley X Embassy of Bricks and Logs Puffer Jacket in Sand / Black - Vegan Ethical Outerwear

And wait what, it’s sustainably made?

Oh yes, this jacket is a a real sustainability champion, something that’s of utmost importance to Gaz and nothing we take lightly here at the Embassy.
We’ve been constantly working on the footprint of our products and were very happy to announce that this year, over 93% of our whole fall-winter collection, for the first time ever, was made from recycled materials—and this jacket is no exception.

”We don’t believe in hurting animals for fashion.“

The functional upper, the lining and the puffy, super-warm filling— all fabrics are made from recycled materials.

And just like with everything we do, of course this jacket is PETA-approved vegan, as we don’t believe in hurting animals for fashion.

Whether you’re here because you’re a fan of Gaz’s work and were sent here by the man himself, or like the work we do in ethical outerwear—or if you’re just looking for a cool, functional jacket with a 90s bomber silhouette to keep you warm out there, well, we got you covered (pun fully intended).

The Gaz Oakley x Embassy of Bricks and Logs Kitchener Puffer Jacket is now live in our web shop in strictly limited amounts. Dinner is served.